Introducing Engagepoint

The mobile location context platform

Take your customer engagement to the next level

You know how successful Pokemon Go has been at engaging with smartphone users

Do you want to better engage with your mobile customers but not sure where to start?

Do you want to make use of location services but don't know how?

Do you want to deliver new and engaging customer experiences but are bamboozled by conflicting technology sales pitches?

Then Engagepoint is for you

Many ways to engage with mobile customers

How Engagepoint works

Geo Location

Know when your customers are near


Manage scenarios when they get closer


Select and deliver relevant content


Make it easy to pay

Engage your customers in the right place

Shoppers outside your store find local context useful

Engage at the right place and time

Stop sending random messages to your customers. Start connecting to them in the right context. Engagepoint enables you to connect with your customers using their smartphone when they are more likely to respond. Customers are twice as likely to respond to you when you connect within six miles of your store.

Improve customer in-store experience

Manage scenarios as your customer gets closer

Know when your customer enters your store. Understand where they are. Help them get the most from their in-store experience by guiding them with relevant information and content straight to their own smartphone. With Engagepoint you can create a frictionless experience in your store.

Customers in your store get enhanced product information. You get upsell opportunity

Deliver content in the right context

Offers delivered to mobile users where they respond to a call to action

The right content is win-win

Deliver the content your customer needs at the time and place they need it. Relevant, tailored content gets into the hands of your customers when they are much more likely to respond to your call to action.

Simple payment completes the journey

Make it easy to pay

Payment options including Apple Pay, Android Pay, iBeacon and QR codes make mobile payment the easiest option for the end consumer. For you, the bonus is Engagepoint captures the completion of the customer journey allowing you to understand your most effective scenarios. This essential data can help you tune your scenarios to match consumer behaviour.

Apple Pay on iPhone, Google Pay on Android makes sure the customer journey is complete and you have the customer analytics to feed into your big data

An integrated platform supports your growth

Platform of microservices supporting REST, API, Open interfaces, plug and play solution

Enabling location context. Provides you with the ability to deliver content to your mobile consumers based on where they are. Includes functionality to manage your engagement points using an intuitive mapping interface.

The core engine of our platform. Allows you to self-administer your environment. Manages security and access levels for different team members and enables connectivity to 3rd party or in-house systems.

Consumer choice is important. Our platform provides you with options for allowing consumers to make decisions on when and where they receive content.

Understand your consumers. Allows you to build individual consumer profiles and use the information to add further context to the content delivered to their mobile.

How does it work?

Works with your existing app investment

Engagepoint is a cloud based service used by your marketing team. You simply include an SDK into your existing app. An SDK is a suite of simple tools to allow your app developer to access our location services. Use it to provide simple notifications, or embed content right inside your app experience. Works on Android and iPhone platforms.

iPhone connecting using Engagepoint SDK and Engagepoint Cloud. Secure connection, Always On

Easy to manage for you and your teams

Intuative user interface, responsive, accessability built with user in mind

Use our central management portal to manage your consumers' experience as they move through your engagement points. Our advanced security platform allows you to empower your local marketing teams to manage their own location points and marketing campaigns.

Deliver content to your mobile consumers based on where they are. Includes functionality to manage your engagement points using an intuitive mapping interface.

Engagepoint enables you to leverage the latest in location technologies. Whether you need Geo-location, iBeacons or NFC, our platform delivers a single management portal for you and your team.

With Engagepoint time and place are the only data points you need to maximise your customer engagement. Our focus is on real time, valid information. Not out of date profile data. Engagepoint avoids you pouring time and money down the 'Big Data' black hole.

We are there when you need us


Our support provides you with piece of mind. You can choose from a number of support options to ensure you, your team and your customers get the very best from Engagepoint.

Support desk, online support, dedicated account manager

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